We pitch two label printing methods against each other to see which one has the most advantages for your company.
Companies that  meet a certain criteria with a medium level of demand for labels for their branded products, but not enough to warrant a full traditional flexographic printing operation can find themselves in somewhat of a niche. This is where the vast majority of demand of outsourcing labelling services originates from.  However recently the trend is turning to an alternative direction with firms of many sizes opting for in-house printing options.

Generally one of the biggest initial decisional factors on whether a firm chooses in-house label printing or outsourcing their labelling needs would be the financial impact it would save on their business. A quality flexographic machine could cost tens of thousands of pounds which for most companies this is just not feasible or necessary. This then leads companies to outsource their labelling needs to a flexographic label printing company.  However recently another type of printing has become more attainable for smaller companies … enter digital ‘short run’ label printers. Not only is the initial investment much more affordable but the cost per print is extremely low. After doing the maths, most clients will find it will be much more cost effective than outsourcing and based on the output, more economical than a flexo printer.

Another point which is useful to compare are the stages that are involved in each of these label printing methods and how time consuming it would be for your company.  Outsourcing labels can comprise of up to 15 stages which includes quality control and transit stages which can cause stoppages and delays.  In-house label printing on the other hand can save valuable time as the stages can be narrowed down to five as a minimum, depending on your business processes and requirements.  This time saved will be reflected in profit for each product; which could outweigh the initial investment and deliver an extremely attractive return on investment.

Outsourcing your labels can be relatively un-agile because once the product is purchased the label company will not be able to change or make any amendments as soon as the design is in production. In contrast to this, the in house label printing method is extremely flexible, allowing not only a change of production instantly but also the power to personalise the labels for each customer. This may seem like a small difference but when seasonal or special events occur being able to offer this service can drastically increase sales and customer retention. In addition, what about the ability to test new product label designs in-line to see what they look like once on the product – powerful.

Overall we believe for a company that needs labelling, in-house label printers offer freedom and control that can really impact on product sales.  For more information on the in-house label printers we offer, and details about our installation and training, contact us on +44 (0)1623 861173 or via email at info@impressiontechnologyeurope.com We have a fully stocked showroom and would be more than happy to demonstrate either on-line or in person!