The Compress LP4 digital label printer has passed the new Marine Immersion labels regulations

The label machinery industry is incredibly dynamic; digital label machinery has the ability to adapt to fit various industry rules and regulations, and marine immersion labels are no exception. These labels are typically used for identification, warning and instruction applied to products containing chemicals.

Industrial Labels

The Compress LP4 digital label printer, utilising standard Oki toners has recently passed one of the most strict regulations to hit them market, the Marine Immersion Labels specification, BS 5609. This regulation is put in place to guarantee that labels can be used in harsh environments. For example containers going across sea need to ensure that the information on the marine immersion label will remain visible and not fade or become illegible. Labels are tested vigorously by an independent agency who are there to assure the customer that they will receive the very best quality durable label.


The Compress LP4 printer has produced labels that have passed these tests without problems, as the dry toner ink and quality print heads guarantee the most durable print. Label producers can be confident that this small footprint label printer is of the best quality and will be able to produce the most durable, effective label to comply with BS 5609. The team at ITE are always looking for products that not only provide a quality finish but also produce prints that are fit for purpose – in this case our labels will stand the harshest of conditions.  So whether you are printing your own labels in-house or whether you are a trade printer that is looking to expand your digital label reach, the Compress LP4 could be the printer choice for you.Lable Printer

What is the Compress LP4 Digital Label Printer?

The Compress LP4 is a compact dry toner printer which is able to print a crisp label utilising a 600 x 1200 dpi resolution. This combined with a 9.14m per minute print speed  you will not only receive a high-quality print but it will meet almost any demand with ease. Ideal for both label printing companies and commercial use, the LP4 beats all competitors at this price point.

Overall we believe that it’s a necessity to keep our machines meeting the relevant industry standards and our mission has been and always will be to make sure we select products that are at the forefront of innovation, whilst being mindful of value for money and true return on investment.

If you have any questions about marine immersion labels, or the Compress digital label printer, please don’t hesitate to contact us – perhaps you would like to pop down to our Mansfield based showroom or contact us online for a demonstration via webinar.